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Lemmings - Amiga


  • Quicklink: Lemmings, Amiga, Tricky, 12 - Bitter Lemming Level 12

  • Bitter Lemming

  • Number of lemmings that drop: 50

  • 80% to be saved

  • Release rate: 1

  • Available time: 08:00

  • Skills: Lemmings, Amiga, Tricky, 12 - Bitter Lemming
  • Overview: Lemmings, Amiga, Tricky, 12 - Bitter Lemming
  • Make the first lemmings floaters and build stairs in the pit to prevent the lemmings to drop dead. Let one lemming climb out of the pit and mine to the exit, build some stairs. Make two other lemmings climb out of the pit. Turn one into a blocker and let the other mine to the pit.

    -= Another solution from Danbuster =-
    There are 50 lemmings and exactly the right number of skills to make it possible. Make all the lemmings Floaters so that they'll survive the drop. Then make one lemming a Climber. He'll walk along the top. At the end, make him a Builder to reach over to the exit... then just make all the others Climbers so that they can follow him!

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