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3D Lemmings - DOS


  • Quicklink: 3D Lemmings, DOS, Mayhem, 76 - Fun Fair Level 76

  • Fun Fair

  • Number of lemmings that drop: 40

  • Release rate: 20

  • Available time: 05:00

  • Lemmings to save: 25

  • Skills: 3D Lemmings, DOS, Mayhem, 76 - Fun Fair
  • Overview: 3D Lemmings, DOS, Mayhem, 76 - Fun Fair
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  • Let the first lemming walk and make the next six a climber (#1). While you do this, let the first lemming build towards the first carriage and towards the next one (#2). Make him a right turner when he's on top of the second carriage and the next lemming when he's on the white ledge (#3). Go back to the climbers, make the one on the right a left turner (#4) and the second climber on the right must dig through the ledge with green lamps (#5). Go to the top off the wheel and make the first lemming there a left turner (#6). The first one to turn must be made a blocker so you can mine down with the next one (#7). This will reveal the exit. Go back to the other lemmings and use a builder and turner to get to the exit (#8).

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Graphics: 3D Lemmings, DOS platform.